Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weightloss Month 2

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Start of my 2nd month weight training and I think I have stepped it up a notch. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.

Monday hit the gym at 4:15ish after work.

I started off with 12 min on the elliptical machine. I no longer hate it and it is no longer evil. I would like to train up to doing the thing for about 30 min at a time. After the warm up I started the weights.

I am using a new routing that goes Mon-Fri so you will see that I do less each time but work out more per week. This also allows for more cardio/ fat burning.


Bench Press

2 warm up sets with 135lbs
4 sets 6 to 8 reps at 195ibs

This was really rough after the first 3 sets. I had to mentally push the bar up on the last time. I don’t know if anyone else who lifts weights reads this blog but there are moments when I am working out when I realize that if I don’t finish the push up… I am going to drop the damn thing on myself. This realization makes me pause for just a split second and I continue pushing.

Dumbbell Flyes

4 sets 6 to 8 reps at 35lbs

I did these slow. The weight was right for this time but I think next week I can do 40lbs no problem. I usually do these on a cable machine which is just altogether easier than doing it free weight style.

Incline Bench Press

3 sets of 10 at 135

This sucked to try and do after all that. I had to rest a good deal of time in between sets too. I got it down though.

Ab work (weight crunches) 30lbs 3 sets of 20

I’ll post tomorrow what I did Tuesday morning! That’s right! My lazy butt was up and at the gym for 6:15am and I worked my back out.

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