Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Return of the LaserChicken

When I started playing my Druid again after a 2 years hiatus, he was level 40 and probably thought Stranglethorn was his permanent residence. I grow bored of the sneaky classes bit. My problem is moving slowly because going slow just isn’t my thing. I would hate how I would have to stealth walk behind someone only to open up on them. I came from the Arms warrior school which is CHARGE oriented.

Now, my thought, after getting Herk to 70 and burning out on him a bit, was to play a healer. I was going to start a priest! Then I see Aerthson sitting there in Stranglethorn all alone and at lv40. Why am I not leveling him? He’s already at 40! The reason why is that I can’t level as a healing spec and I don’t really want to stealth my way to 70. What about the bear? What about it… Bears are tanks. Bears are not warriors.

Then I remembered seeing all those trees pop up from a Balance druid and go take a look at the tree. After that, I had to hit the AH for all new gear. Then I was off to Thunder Bluff to respec. Now, where to learn how to play this thing? Where do I find out all the tricks? Who plays this spec and blogs?


Laser Chicken that’s who!

I’m sorry? What was that? Laser Chicken quit playing? WTF?! He went to find himself? Ah, gotcha! I been there and need to go there more often.

Without further ado, I present the return of


Along with his newly update hints on playing the Boomkin.

Welcome back!

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