Thursday, May 22, 2008

Furthering the silliness

If anyone was reading the comments on the last post, I am sure you saw Noobed's archtype comment. He is getting things confused as he is want to do these days. He has such a massive amount of intelligence and knowledge that he looks at things in overall manner much too much these days.

Let's run this down real quick for him. I am skipping the original Dragonball series since I started with DBZ but I will give highlights.

Goku is an alien sent to destroy earth. Later this is retconned into his father sending him away so as not to be killed by Freeza.

Same thing with Superman almost. Supe's dad sends him down to Earth and supe's is raised by us to cheerish our values yada yada.

That's exactly where that ends for me. Supes back in the day was ULTRA POWERFUL in that anything he needed to do he could do. Move the moon out of the way? No problem! Kinda powerful. As Superman progresses in his comic he constantly gets power downgrades (Nerfs) in order to make Supes seem that he needs to struggle. Without that struggle, he is less human and less relatable for people. I am not going into all the fights Supes gets/got into. However, there are two things we need to bring about Supes and his battles.


Minus all that color crap... Green Kryptonite put the all powerful on his ass. Lex Luthor the foil for Superman? er Not in my opinion. Superman's real foil is Batman. Batman uses Kryptonite to knock Superman out of any given fight. Superman should not be able to do anything with the kryptonite out. Goku has no such weakness because he is not all powerful and it is not needed.


Something more powerful than the most powerful. Superman had to be shown to have a match somewhere in the universe and Doomsday came a calling. Classic imo.

On the other hand with Goku...

First up in DBZ, he is not all powerful. He must team up with his enemy Piccolo and he still dies. Yes, the wish him back in a year with the Dragonballz but Goku was beaten by his brother Radditz.

After a year of training he is back and guess what?! Vegeta stomps a mudhole in him after going Ape. Krillin is the one to overcome his fears and cutoff Vegeta's tail. Loss number 2 for Goku.

Ginyu Force... after intense training, Goku steps up and wins straight.

Freeza... Goku wins bigtime after seeing his friend Krillin killed.

Cell... Goku know he can not win but that his son has surpassed him and therefore can.

I will not go into everything. Suffice it to say, Goku is akin more to Rocky than Superman. He doesn't always win but he does his best and there is ALWAYS a training montage!

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