Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too much a guy at times.

New mail girl says, “Everyone is so nice here!” I immediately think of that movie Liar Liar and think, “That’s because you have big jugs!” I know I know, I am horrible and a guy. Thing is, I don’t know if she is nice or not but I appreciate that she shows the top part of the girls in a workplace setting. Is this wrong of her? I mean even if she was in a complete slack suit and just showed a hint of cleavage I would be glimpsing anyways, which brings me to the next topic of women in the gym.

Now some women go and hide in the women’s only area and some don’t. This is not a weight oriented issue either. Those who work out in the coed section are of all shapes and sizes. However, GOD BLESS the hot ones that makes me try harder and push more weight or go for that extra set. Seeing my flab in the same mirror next to what could be a Maxim girl is great encouragement for me to work harder!

I know what you are thinking. Don’t you want to look good for your wife? Isn’t that encouragement enough? My wife is great! I love her! Her encouragement department is down for repairs. We worked out together once and I was trying to beef it up and throw on the heavy weight for squats to impress her. I toss on 800lbs and show her that I can squat it 4 times. She then tells me I take too long between sets to rest. Sigh.

I am trying to get Renoobed to do some exercise. For some reason he thinks since he walks to work he is getting exercise. This is almost a Melvin response in WoW. Melvin, “Wow, two healers make a difference! We lasted longer there!” Renoobed hits me with “Got back from the Dr. Gained some weight. More than I thought.” I ask him if he is going to exercise and he is non committal. I bother him until he tells me he walked to work in the rain! This is the same walk he has been doing while he gained the weight! For God’s sake, don’t go Melvin on me.

Speaking of Melvin, we did do 5v5 last night. Noobed seems to think we have a new “World’s Worst Warrior” but am not so sure. The guy followed me to every target like Pogar does. I understand Bursting down an enemy. Yet, when you have 2 MS warriors with decent gear you need to separate those guys out and keep the MS up on multiple targets to keep that/those healers busy. The Mage and the elemental Shammy or Boomkin are the BURST toons. Quit following me!!! Another keen Melvin observation that makes me want smack Pogar, “The warriors should go in first.” I know why Melvin felt the need to say this and I blame Pogar. Pogar used to wait til Noobed had targeted someone instead of blitzing out the gate.

I am working on getting Herk exalted with the SSO now. I am doing the occasional MrT run for the rep. I get in a group for regular MrT and they ask if I am prot. I tell them know and they start conversing on whether I can even tank it. Listen up, if it’s Regular and a 5man it can be tanked as Arms. It can be healed by Boomkin. It can not be tanked by Enhance Shaman or Healed by Ret Paladin. Is it slightly tougher? Yes. Is it impossible or even a sure repair bill? Hell no! I went back to my dailies and 30min later when they still have no tank, they tell me I can tank it. /flipbird

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