Friday, May 2, 2008


This is what my screen looks like in arena. Never mind the crazy long spell bar since it has been shortened since then. I am thinking about getting Proximo instead of Arena Unit Frames this weekend and seeing if I like that one any better. Anyone out there swear by Proximo? Anyways, let me know what you think or how I could improve the layout. All suggestions would be helpful in some manner.

I have recently added all the Armory links for my toons over to the right there. Aerthson has better gear now than in the screenshots shown so check him out. Herk is protection right now for tanking fun so he doesn’t have any Arena gear on him.

We all know Noobed and I have an odd rivalry. He is bar none the most intelligent person I know. I have bursts of intelligence at times and this gives him enough ammo to call me lazy about reading or finding out some tidbit or whatnot. What he fails to mention is that in having every character class…

A small interlude:

Noobed has the following that I know of.

60 Nelf Rogue
60 Human Priest
60 Gnome Mage
50ish or so Nelf Hunter
70 Mage
70 Shaman
70 Hunter
30 Lock
30 Pally
30 Warrior

… he has PLAYED everything. He ask me things like, “So you know about Mana Burn?” My response, “ Erm it does damage to people with mana?” Noobed, “How are you ever gonna play this game… you have a druid that has mana and you don’t know what mana burn does?” My response, “See I just shift into Bear form…” Noobed lets out long drawn sigh. Shortly followed by the “why are you on an alt /w hrm.”

See this is the evilness that is Noobed. I don’t have the knowledge and he fusses when I try and get the knowledge. While this is going on, I still learn a hell of a lot from him and he rocks socks as a player!

But to put him on notice, I am the burst DPS on the 3v3. He is the steady DPS that is better at CC than I. We are still trying to work things out.

Of course this is just one example but this weekend I will get others.

Where Noobed and I really click is in 5v5. We are almost instantly on the same target or coordinating without talking. Give me Bloodlust, a dedicated healer and I will trounce everthing around me. Manlytotems had a match where he had over 50k damage. Sometimes on that shammy he is truly to be feared. Also, if he is tanking on his Druid he is truly to be feared but for a different reason. He kills more people on that tank of his than he does in arena.

Sugars is teh Uber tank. I love it when they focus on Sugars. I came out the gate stealthed like I was supposed to and the Warlock immediately came in like a warrior for a nice Pounce. Sugars starts dotting and mana draining and they just leave me alone and try to burst poor Sugars and her Siphon Life butt down.

The priest was dead so fast from Wrath spam she didn't know what happened. The warlock didn't even know his healer had died until he was dead as well. Boomkin, I love thee.


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