Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More on Weightloss

2lbs lighter!

It takes a lot of work for me to lose 2lbs a week the healthy way. I have been hitting the gym on Mon, Tues, Thur, Sat and Sun. Unfortunately, cardio is not my bag but lifting weights is. If you can cycle through the weight lifting fast enough, you can get your heart rate up to what is supposed to be your Fat Burn level. For my age and weight, the treadmill tells me I should be at 123 bpm for Fat Loss. I can achieve this lifting weights as well.

Since it was a "heavy weight" day, I went into the gym and did some lite stretching and went immediately to the bench press. I like to do this to max out my bench. I have read and found to be true that I will be weaker after too much warm up. If I do a set of 10 at 135lbs, I will not be able to max out at 245 with a set of 3. Whether it be the store of glucose being gone or any other chemical reaction, I just can not max out after it.

I put 265 on the bar and press it once with a lot difficulty. Take 20 off and do a set of 3. Take 40 off and do 3 sets of 6 to finish out. This is it for my benching but not for working my chest. From here I went to bicep curls. For this I started off curling 40lbs and doing a set of 6 on each arm. 6 was honest to God all I had in me at 40lbs. I went down to 35lbs and was able to pull out 8 on each arm for another set of 3. Then I switched over to Tricep push with the a 55lbs barbell over my head. This was really the right weight here since the first set was for 10, then 10 (struggle) and 8 on the last.

This type of routine gives my muscle groups time to relax as well. By the time I finish with triceps I am going back to my chest and it is rested. Within this workout, I also did my shoulders with shrugs, lateral detloid raises and barbel lifts.

Whenever I hit the gym I do my abs these day. I do your basic weighted crunch on a machine that has you laying down instead of sitting up. The one that I am using is a beast too. It must work cuz I am sore as hell the next day. Not hurt, but very sore.

I cap it off with 15-30 min of walking, biking or that evil contraption called the ellipctical machine.

Tonight is lower body! Wish me luck.

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