Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Goku Fits better than Superman

So some of you who read Renoobed's stuff might remember his post a while back where he explains how he is Batman (the thinker) and I am Superman (the moron who rushes in and thinks he is invincible.)

Again yesterday, more with the Batman stuff and it got me to thinking how off the original post was. We had a great comments section between Sonvar and himself concerning Batman and Spider-man.

It got me to thinking about which "toon" I would be. It hit upon me that I mostly identify myself with a Goku style.

See, Goku there he don't fit in easy somtimes and likes to be alone. He also likes the ladies and his sons. He likes to train. He likes to eat. He likes challenges. He hates losing. When he is defeated he trains harder. He will bullheadidly fight someone stronger than him and charge in to do it. He goes on and on and aggravates people with his sameness. He, in his head, has his own ideals that he follows. You can predict after a while how he will handle any given situation. He's strong in his friendships. He will fight for his friends at any given time. He is not indestructable, he is flawed and overcomes through perseverance and skill. He trains for the skill not reading it out of a book and claiming it as his own. He also has his own gravitas even tho some people hate him and others love him.

P.S. Renoobed flat out said he was Buu on a trip the store once. Something about I may be doing good but I would need to merge with someone before I was able to take on the Buu. You'll have to ask him about it.

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