Friday, May 30, 2008

Computer and one helluva nice guy

Sorry about not writing for a few. My computer blew up and I was kind of cheesed about it. Last Friday it just started stopping! Did that make sense to everyone? Good. Anyway, about my computer skills, I can follow directions on how to fix something and I can play Lego with putting a new computer together. What I can’t do is diagnose a problem when the computer won’t remain running.

I bring the silly thing to Best Buy where I bought it. Ok ok… yes, it’s an Emachine and as embarrassing as that is, it really has performed for me considering I have had it for about 3 years now. It has an AMD Athlon with 2g of ram and Nvidia 8600 GTS in there. World of Warcraft is not that demanding of a game to run and I don’t double box or anything so I was quite fine running with what I had.

So at Best Buy, the Geek Squad people tell me that it will be $75 just for them to tell me what is wrong with it! F(*K that! So I am without my computer for all of last weekend. I stop by my work IT and ask the guy if he knows a good shop to bring it to. He asks me what happened and I tell him. He tells me to bring it in and he will look at it and tell me what is wrong with it.

This makes me happy. He just saved me $75! I bring it in and drop it off to him. I forgot to mention that after 3 years I no longer have the restore disks. After a day or so he lets me know that the hard drive is going bad. Bummer I say. Where can I buy one of those? He says he has one or 10 lying around his house but they are only 80gigs. I’m like pfft that works for me since I plan on buying a new computer in like 6 months.

I ask him how much I owe him and he says not to worry about it but to just be sure when I get the new computer to give him the hard drive back. REALLY?! So my computer is fixed and I have to go reinstall WoW ( I do have the original disk for that with passkeys!) and I am good to go.

Question is… I am going to get the guy a gift card for Best Buy because that is what he wanted. Should I go $35 or $50 for the gift card?

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