Monday, April 28, 2008

Heroic Sethekk

That's right!

Heroic Sethekk is done and out the way. Swift Flight Form is mine and it is everything I wanted it to be.

So here was the line up at the start.

Melvin- Druid Tank
Melvin's bro - Mage
Mabd - Hunter
Profler? - Enhance Shammy (Pugger but really not bad.) I love having Shaman... bar none they are the best class as back up in an instance.
Aerthson - Resto Druid (respecced for the instance specifically)

We go in...


It was sketchy at its absolute best.

We get buff ready when Melvin's bro zones in and BAM /sheep. WTF aggro!!! wtf?! /cast a heal... all aggro on my tree... Dead.

This doesn't bode well...

Melvin's bro... they can't be sheeped.


Noobed has been hoping that I would write a post flaming Melvin and the PvP antics. My reasons for not doing this are... I just aint that guy.

But if Melvin is gonna tank... Melvin needs help.

Melvin... You really do need the xtra threat generating talent.

Melvin... You have to be able to tank mutliple mobs.

Melvin... Taunt is melee range but it will give you time to build aggro on your secondary target without the secondary target kill the group.

Melvin... If you Bash the 3rd mob... he aint aggroing the group either.

Melvin... Yes, you do have to click over that many targets all the time in a 5man situation.

If Melvin is gonna play a Druid...

Melvin... Innervate (He had never used this all the way to level 70. THAT is some speedleveling there folks... he aint even got time to read his own abilities. I am not sure but I think he leveled that Druid in 3 months while playing his other 2-3 70s)

Melvin... Battle Rez (Carry the seeds on ya)

Melvin... before shifting and pulling aggro, hit yourself with a HOT. It helps the healer out especially in an instance where there are aggro problems.

It got bad enough where I was worried about the group disintegrating and I suggest getting Herk to tank til the end boss.

I go an respec him and start up the tanking.

This is when noobed throws my game way off by saying at the end of Herk's appearance...

Its been a pleasure running this with Herk.

WTF?!... He can't just rip out compliments like that on me... I'll kill over.

We get to the Raven Boss and aside from Melvin's bro dying... ( I did Battle Rez him)

(See, this is why I don't write flame blogs cuz my healing aint the best neither...)

... the Raven boss is a wussy.

We get the last boss down after a coupla wipes... my slow ass tree can't make it around the column fast enough... who know?! and finish out.

Aerthson got respecced back to Balance that night.

Herk is still protection. I might start doing Heroics during the week with him. Also, Herk is definitely going Prot for Wrath. Unless, the druid goes resto. There seems to be a real shortage of tanks on Lightninghoof.

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