Tuesday, April 15, 2008


You not only play well... you truly own.

I had such a day in WSG the other day.

I have been on Herk the last week getting him his bracers and boots for pvp. I needed some WSG (groan) marks.

First game was absolutely the best.

I mount and run to the flag. I get the flag and run back using all sorts of happiness... shield block, spell reflect, Piercing Howl, Stompage, Intercepts, Intervenes, PvP trinket... nothing was keeping me from getting in the base. I made it halfway to our base without support and then the Druid started healing me quite well and we were safe.

Get to the top and sit and wait for our flag. Then the druid leaves... and the rogue... and ... where is everyone and why am I alone?!

looks down...

Is that 2 pallys and a warrior?!

F*$) me!

They run up... I jump off and run out the base... NO ONE is near the base but me! Get tagged by a rogue and druid and die... I am so mad at this point.

My Rez is quick and I mount up back to their base and see our flag going up their ramp... I get halfway up their tunnel before my mount disappears and I hit the speed boost that some silly ally left for me when I see .

I run in while the spacegoat shammy with the flag is dropping down and magically get their flag before they are able to cap... then turn and look at the shammy... pull the axe and kill that MOFO.

That's right!!! Got killed, Dropped the flag, ran back got the flag, killed their flag carrier and ran back for a score after some nice intimidating shout action and my peeps met me halfway again.

I score the next one too.

Shammy scored the final with me on his butt killing people.

Screenshots incoming when I get home... soooo much fun and epeening for me.

Loved it!

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