Monday, December 3, 2007

PvP observations

Alliance - Thanks for sucking! I really appreciate the free honor in AV.

Alterac Valley

Is a blood bath when you play on defense and some of the most fun I have had in the game. Is there anything better than getting killed at Frostwolf Graveyard only to get that 2-3 second rez time and go charging for that mage who got ya only this time you have full health?

Defending Towers!

Sweet sweet towers warriors! I know every warrior has felt my pain of the forst mage. Towers is revenge time against Frost mages and Hunters. Stand on the flag, if they want to come in they are in range. I had an ice mage Frost Nova me and back up... he got wacked wacked wacked til dead. Yes, it took 3 wacks. Hunters too! They love to come in with their new found melee silliness. Wack wack wack wacke execute... dead.

Get your damn token!

Being able to recall when alliance thinks they are being clever when they send a 4-5 man squad to take the relief hut is key. 5 of us usually just appear and mop the floor with them. I have noticed if you stop Alliance's first attempts at offense they just turtle the rest of the game.



Turteling no longer works in AV. Period! I have never seen a win on a turtle. You can not kill 600 of us before we take your towers and you are down to 30 reinforcements.


Defend what you take! I take a bunker, I bloody well wait there til that bitch burns.


When they finally get the relief hut... get a tower back or go on offense. Escpecially if we are on Vann by then.


Happy fun things to take! More reinforcement and adds to demoralize allince when they see yet another (The Horde has...)

Warriors on offense in AV.

When you are wading onto that bridge or into the graveyards to take them... our job is the push back. You run in and fear bomb the groups of people hanging out (like hunters and mages) who like to hang out in group behind melee. You charge that hunter and fear bomb... then when they come out of it, if you aren't dead yet, you Warstomp that ass!

2nd Note for warriors on offense in AV. Do NOT wait for another tank to appear for Vann unless the last two towers have not capped! YOU are the tank... sword and board and tank that stunted Dwarf. God he hits like a brick to the face when no healers are present.

Warsong Gulch

I hate it soooo much. But, here is my hunter and 5 sunders story.

I am defending the flag on top of our base. (Note: Warriors, you fight when you have the flag... sure be in Def and shield is on... You do not run around trying not to get hit unless you have no healer helping you!) I have plenty of back up with Priest, Druid, Hunter and me.

I am in full tank gear and have over 16k health (they ain't gonna 1 shot me) Here comes the mage (Hunter starts shutting him down) Here comes the pally (Druid has his number) Here comes the warrior (into a freeze trap from our lovely Hunter) here come their hunter. This hunter ignores me completely and starts trying to kill my priest.

I think he may have wondered what happened to his Freeze trap when I Reflected it, but he did not care that I was hitting him with 1h and he prbly had never even seen the sunder debuff show up on himself before. Well, the DPS on that 1h starting going up. Then the hunter finishes off the mage and turns to his mirror and aimed shots his ass into oblivion and /w me "Did he have fill sunders on him?" "Yup" /w me "bwahahaha" ":)"

I am not kidding when I say it was the funnest thing. Hunters with their my class owns all attitude... gotta hate em. While hating... get the sunders up if they are ignoring you :)

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