Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More PvP thoughts

Since I got actual comments, I figured you guys liked reading about PvP.

Eye of the Storm

Really fun!

Except... Horde have a tendancy to get flag happy here. It may be pent up rage from WSG pulling them to try and get that flag.

Well, DON'T!

Leave that flag the hell alone! I have noticed a disturbing trend of Horde claiming FR and BE only to leave immediately to go after that flag! QUIT IT!

Alliance are zerging?! Do you know how embarrasing it is to be the only Horde on Def and see the tide of NELF Hunters and Gnome Frost mages come barreling at you from MT? BAM!! Alliance have zerged the FR! I have been the victim of an alliance Zerg... Do you let this happen in Arathi Basin?! Not very often you don't!

Eye of the Storm is won through the towers! That flag is a tie breaker only! Notice that if the flag is fought over too much... something ends up getting zerged.

Defense! You will still get your boodbath and you will win!

Arathi Basin

We should always own this one. The times I have not owned it Horde doesn't spawn in til after the start. Ally 15 Horde 9... hard to come back if that stays that way for first 2min.

QUIT jumping from Blacksmith to Mine... you are dead when you hit the ground almost. Why be a free HK?

NO, you can not assault the stable in the first 5min... I don't care that you only saw one person there and they were a rogue unstealthed.

YES, you can easily control LM, BS and Farm... quite easily. The next person I see telling the BG to capture mine when we control the other 3... /execute

Anyone else have extreme BG idiocy? Please share :)

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