Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Arena stuff...

So I have been reading a bit on Arena Warriors... coupla on liners.

1) Save your rage and call out when you are about to burst on a target starting with MS.

Something I had not thought about. Our healer Taz does a really decent job of keeping me alive. I think I should save up the rage on certain teams and wait for burst. My thinking so far is... wait for burst on Priests/ Druids because the seem to be the ones that just BARELY get away from me.

2) Intercept/ Pummel not just a pummel on your target.

Shooting across the screen to intercept/pummel the paladin or other caster I am not on could really really throw of someone's game. They really aren't expecting it because I am not in their face.

3) Intercept/Disarm

Used for those who are killing my poor hunter. Rogues very rarely have immunity to Disarm same as warriors. I am thinking in my low ass bracket of 1450-1500 that us warr/rogue types are stacking AP stuff not... don't take my weapon away.

4) Piercing Howl

I do this one.

5) Be more aware of the fighting style.

When we were losing to those rog/warr teams I really really should have Thunderclapped them for poor Mabd.

Back to reading.

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