Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ganked in Ashenvale! Ganked Rules went out the window >.<

So there I was late a night playing wow with my wife.

She has recently started playing a hunter and is just in awe of the nastiness that is the hunter class these days. See she has a 70 priest she really dont play anymore. She has only ever played healing classes. I tried for the longest time to get her to play a hunter... wouldn't do it.

So one night, I come in and find the baby sleeping and her playing. She's playing an Orc hunter on some random PvP server. WTF!!

You get your ass over to lightninghoof where I can help you out. She does and starts a BELF hunter... something about the way Orcs run or some such was her reasoning for picking the silly race of BELF but meh.


I pick up a pally so I can play with her. After about 2 weeks of playing with her we hit lv19 and I tell her I am switching toons to play my mage. She asks why?

My reasoning... Pallys are good for two things... tanking and healing. I, personally, have never seen a DPS pally. I take that back... I have met those who claim to be one. I think he was excited when getting only 10% behind the hunter's pet.

Back to tank/healing... I have Herk (Tank) and I have Aerthson (Tank/Healing/DPS). At 70 and 49 respectively, I don't feel the need to play another hybrid of the two.

My mage!

I suck at playing mages. I can't wrap my mind aroung the whole cloth armor business and wind up dead more often than not. But! He looks cool and I like the Pyroblast bit. So...

Our post story!

Last night we are going through Ashenvale.

While waiting on her to catch up, I am grinding a little and BAM (Rogue gank) lv 34 guts my lv 26 mage... sigh... run back.

While heading to Zoram... we see a lv25 rogue... payback!!!! /Cast polymorph! /Cast Pyroblast

Why am I dead?... why are you dead?!

Check combat log... who is this?! a lv53 warrior!! sigh


Warrior camps us... >.<

/logon Herk
/sharpen axe
/execute lv53 gnome warrior

/logon mage

Keep running... get ganked by lv53 warr, lv53 rogue, lv63 mage. Get camped

/logon Herk


And they did... I escorted my lovely wife straight through Astranaar. The only one I left alive in that village was the Grypon Master.

Kill all allies that come my way... be it lv18-70. I ran into the Inn and whirlwinded everyone dead. I ran out only to have the 63 mage casting at me... ate him... To see a lv 70 lock dot me... ate him... To see a 70rogue come at me with some more guards!

/cast Retaliation

ate all of them

To see that lv 18 priest run away in fear

/cast Intercept

one shotted!

No one was safe!

Herk has rage problem!

I know I went against the rules I had outlined but ya know... sometimes... everyone gotta die >.<

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