Monday, December 31, 2007

The Druid, the Mage and the Shaman

Hey all!

Aerthson is at lv 57. I have to make myself quit playing him so Sugars and I can hit Hellfire at the same time one weekend. Rested xp is worth it right?! I like that Druid.

Spent some time playing with my wife's hunter. Since she started playing again I leveled a pally alongside her hunter. I feel "meh" about pallys... not sure it's my thing but I like being able to heal and bubble. She outleveled my pally while I was busy with Herk so when she caught up to mage I started hanging with her on him.

Fri night we decided to hit up WSG as I was 29 and she was 28. This is when I came to the realization that mage's are not my bag baby. I like playing him and I could prbly PvE with him but I am SOL on PvPing with him. I kept going down like Mabd does in arena. I was laughing at myself at how badly I played.

Interestingly enough I have come to the realization that it does NOT matter what you play in a BG (unless maybe a pally). If 7 of those people decide to notice you, they are gonna kick the shit out of you be it warrior or mage.

Things I noticed in BGs about mages...

1) Don't sheep anything aint worth the time or mana cuz some fool gonna hit the sheep.

2) The other side don't like it when you Frost Nova their flag carrier.

3) The other side don't like it when you Forst Nova the people chasing your flag carrier.

4) Shamans suck for mages... or I just suck.

5) Warriors ARE a pain in the ass to stop and they do NOT go down like bitches. Who knew?

6) I hate Warlocks >.<

The Shaman

Never played one til yesterday.

Sweet monkeys! They are nasty!

When looking for a good race for my shammy, I happened upon Wowwiki which is pushing the Trolls. Trolls? I say. I looked at em again... played around with some skins... went Orc.

Let's face it, Orcs are cool. I have an Orc Hunter but that was just too easy. Thrall's an Orc Shaman and he wears plate! I wanna wear plate >.<

Got Shammy to 10 in about 4 hours and then had to log and get some arena in with Herk. The shammy plays similar to warrior. Instead of charge you have lightining bolt, instead of MS you have Earthshock. The totems are very cool and useful. Earthbind... run off... healing wave... run back in. DPS with a 2H and spells! /whack /whack.

Loving the shammy so far.

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