Friday, December 28, 2007

New post! How to escape from a ?? Rogue as a Druid.

Sorry about not posting... fam was sick and holidays were crazy!

So Aerthson is now 55. I have really enjoyed playing the boomkin and my best mate Ray has a 50 lock named Sugars that I have been running with. We haven't really got into much PvP action tho. Course who wants to take on a Boomkin/Lock unless you are 70 and can one shot them?

So Sugars logged and I am up late. I decide to finish out Un'goro which at 55 I still have not completed. This gives me hopes of getting the alts up. Not that hunter tho... Hunter is just a silly class anyways.

Going to finish Chasing Amy and escort her mechanical monkey self back to the refuge. I had already done everything else a coupla nights ago. Didn't start escort cuz of ally all over the place. When I get close to the cave I see 4 ally... I cursor to see levels and what not and bam ?? rogue. Sigh... He sees me... here he comes. /turn Kodo /haul ass

His epic is much fast than my Kodo Geo so I know I don't have much time. Running from a Rogue is slightly harder since they have that whole sprint thing. Also, he touches me... I'm dead.

One of the funnest things about the Druid is his ability to NOT die. But our treehugger friend has a problem in this ?? rogue chasing him.

Off the to left directly south of the cave is a tar pit that is lengthy... The thoughts are going through my head about rogues... "Can't Cheetah either he has 50% run speed... wait a tic!!! I have 50% swim speed!!"

I angle to the tar pit and jump in with him on my tail. I turn into that porpus thing whatever the hell it is and take off! Jump out the other side and /cheetah my ass gone.

Did I stop to see if he made it out the tar?

Sure did!

A good 50 yards away I turn and go Cat and stealth. I look a bit... get a bit closer... he is actually swimming around the tar pit like I hid in there?!

Aerthson 1/ ?? Rogue 0

/logoff Aerthson
/logon Herk

/tap Rogue
/y Meet Overpower you prick!!

Dead Rogue!

Now where are your friends who thought they were getting a free ride?

/adds notch
/adds another notch
/kill rogue again
/tired of adding notches

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