Thursday, December 6, 2007

Define (gank)

I play on a PvP server these days.

My PvP toon is now better outfitted than my PvE toon who was left out in the cold.

Also, Herk is hitting a lot harder these days. A LOT!

Now, with these happy fun things in mind...

Is it time to go back to Hillsbrad and OBLITERATE any Alliance I see? or maybe STV?

These two places were THE worst when I was playing. They have a lv70 rogue named Darimm who preyed on Horde. He had PvP gear and would one shot your 18-27 butt anytime he could. He's got quite a reputation and most of the Horde know him by name and reputation.

Should I be the next Darimm?! Pick a spot like Redridge and kill everyone I come across?

Which leads to the question... what determines a gank?

Are ganks bad?

You can't really define a gank by not being able to fight back... I mean... Mages, Pallys, Rogues, Hunters can keep me CC'd enough where I can't fight back and I am THEIR level.

You can't define a gank by hitting someone while fighting a mob either. I try and kite people into mobs in world PvP... it's more DPS.

Also, when of equal levels between 1 or 2... and you /wave me and I /Cast Entangling Roots(Rank3) you... you should know what time it is. I don't care you /wave 'd me you shitball of a gnome warrior. DIE!!! EAT MOONKIN MOONFIRE!!! HAVE ANOTHER CRIT WRATH CUZ THE NEXT ONE"S GONNA GO FASTER!!!

Side note... Has anyone really really been able to stop a Druid on their own if they want to get away? Seriously, I have never been stopped from getting out of a fight of equal level toons.

One last note for the Horder...

STAY THE F*&$ AWAY FROM THE MINE!!! I don't care that ally control it... it's OUT OF THE F*#(ING way and takes too long to get back from... F(#$!

Death to all Gnomes!

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