Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath and Utgarde Keep

Dear Blizzard,

You have knocked this one out of the park. Thank you.


Seriously, it is THAT good. Everything has an EPIC feel and scale. Utgarde is HUGE and impressive with a lot of detail. Howling Fjord is huge as well.

Herk, as thought, switched to prot after completing Utgarde keep the first time. As prot, I have NO downtime and kill the mobs 2-3 secs later than if I was Arms/Fury.

Let’s talk Utgarde.

Every pull almost is a multimob pull. I am writing this at work so I don’t have the names of things but I will explain the instance.

Runecasters: One would think, “CASTER burn em down! They are squishy!” Ya well, these guys have Rune protection which apparently is really spiffy. CC em and leave em til last.

Then you have your heavy hitters, your dragons and your distance types. Do not get the druid to root the distance type but the melee type.

First boss (whatever his name is)

Tank em, he summons skeletons 4 or 5 not really sure. CC em and burn em. Also, he has some kind of ice coffin or some such. He tagged our healer twice with it. You can actually attack the trap and get it off your guy. You need get off quick to because it will do some major damage.

Second boss (Whatever their names are)

Romeo and Juliet redux. Burnt the melee to 10% then kill caster and kill melee within 10sec. This was not a hard fight except that our healer had 8k life >.< and the caster randomly shadowbolts the party. Lots o death for that 8k health Druid in this instance which made me think about poor little undergeared Brewhammer. Going to make sure I have enough Cobalt on him when I start playing him to make that set so I can tank properly.

End guy (What’s his name?)

Tank and spank with giggles and resurrection. He has several abilities. One called “Smash” that dropped Herk for about half his life (He was full at about 16k) so be careful for that one. He has an AoE that hits the entire party too.

You kill him and Arthas resurrects his butt and turn him nastier. Same fight sorta only he hits harder and has a random blade that appears and smacks people around by itself.

We wipe once each on the bossed which I thought was pretty good for not knowing the fights.

I am stuck at work for a half a day then I will be back tanking. I am halfway to 71 and there is already a 73 on the server by 10am this morning.

More updates to come!

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