Tuesday, November 18, 2008

State of the Warrior

Spec talk time.

Herk has about 120k to go before hitting 74. The first level was spent in Utgarde and Nexus. I managed to do a total of 4 quests completed by the time I hit 71 minus the 25 I had saved up. Tanking is and always has been FUN.

If you have a class capable of tanking and you have never tried it then you need to start gathering the tanking gear just to try it out. Controlling mobs and making sure no one in the party takes unnecessary damage is the most fun I’ve had in the game.

Doing a /charge death from above from LM in AB while taking no damage, stunning that healer and lighting up Bladestorm in the group that was headed for was a very close second.

At 72, Herk went Fury. He had some very nice blue axes that were the epitome of cool double strapped to his back. It looked SO awesome. He was doing DPS like no one’s business. I was well and above the 200k mark while the hunter was at the 70k mark. No, this is in general on mobs while questing and not a boss or instance so I am not trying to state it like any empirical fact here. After about 3 hours of leveling Fury, I was bored. Very very bored.

Maximizing DPS as Fury is a lackluster process. Start in Battle Charge>BT if you got left over Rage>Bersker Stance> BT>WW>HS depending on Rage and cooldowns. It’s not worth waiting for the Execute because you should use that Rage for a BT on the next mob. You can throw in some DeathWish and/or Berserker Rage fun to push the DPS while taking a bit extra damage. After 4-5 mobs though, you have to stop and eat, rinse and repeat.

Protection spec, on the other hand, is WoW fun and dynamic. First, you get to charge whenever the charge is off cooldown. This is so fun and useful I am surprised it hasn’t been nerfed. Also, your DPS rotation is much more dynamic as prot. Did Sword and Board proc? Is Revenge up? Can I chain stun that mob in oblivion? Multi mobs? Shockwave and TC time with a stance swap for an easy WW. Pull 8-9 mobs and switch to Arms while Retaliation goes off. There are just great options for maximizing DPS as Prot while staying alive with no downtime. Am I out DPSing a Fury? Hell no! But I am sure having a lot more fun than when I was Fury.

Then there is the fun pvp aspect with the mages. As a Tauren prot spec, mages hate me. If my CDs are up, you can forget casting anything other than blink and you best believe if my charge is not up than my macro for stance swapping/intercept is.

I’m going to cast Pyroblast!

You like that double reflect?

Why am I stunned?

Charged ya,

Why am I still stunned?

Aye, that’s my Warstomp.

Why can’t I cast? Gag Order, sorry.

Why am I stunned again?

Concussion blow.

WTF now?! You got hit by Shockwave.

Haha! Blink!! WTF! Why are you here?

Charge was up again.

Is that Warstomp coming?

No, but spell reflect is up. Did I mention that I haven’t even touched Last Stand or Shield Wall? That Rend takes a toll after a while since you can’t heal eh?

In conclusion, there is nothing more fun for me right now than Prot spec. There are tons of classes I cannot kill 1v1. There are NO classes that can take me out without have to fight me using cooldowns and getting some serious downtime after they manage to off me. Also, I can almost outlast 2v1 for help to arrive.

Did I mention that I get to answer the LF1M NEED TANK?

I’ll talk about those tomorrow. I will outline Nexus, the spider place.

*Edited to change MS to BT. /facepalm

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