Monday, November 3, 2008

For Shaminja on Drenden

Occasionally, I will get the /w “You write ArmsandFury right?” This is actually much cooler than I would have thought. I started getting more lately when I really started talking more about the warrior class changes and talents. Well, I intend to do that a lot more come Wrath. I have several drafts of posts with (looks around nervously) math involved. I am no mathematician by any means but the math seems straight forward and I will rely on the flamers to keep it correct.

Shaminja wants a post on the early levels of warriorness. I have done several posts about talents specs and abilities before. What I SHOULD have done is what BRK suggested a year ago and give the grouping on the sidebar entitled warrior 101 like he used to have. I will be doing this tonight when I get home. This won’t be all though. I intend to play a new warrior with the new talents and give my impressions of the overall changes made since Vanilla.

Of course, being the lovable moron that I am. The changes will be STEEP. I am sure that for level 1-30 on the dwarf back in 2004 he was talent in all 3 trees and I played like a moron who doesn’t read anything on the game he is playing. I have changed that since.

So with that in mind and to give you and Shaminja the new hotness on warriors it only makes sense for me to play one again from at least 1-30. Now, I have an Orc, Tauren and Dwarf. I leave it to you guys to let me know which race for the next one. Undead? Human? Dear god, don’t let them make me play a spacegoat. Let me know which in the comments and a name for the new one and you guys will get the daily updates until he hits 30 or wrath comes out.

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