Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[[[-----]]] < this is what 315 looks like!

As those who read the blog know, I have been going to the gym regularly for about 6 months now. I have lost 2 pant sizes going from a tight 42 to a snug 38/39 depending on cut of pant and what not. Also, my weight has dropped from the dreaded 285 to a better 245-250 depending. The 245-250 throws me because I thought it was fat but ended up being muscle gain.

My goal for the end of the year was to bench 300lbs. Well, last Friday, I did bench 300lbs and did it after several heavy sets. Yesterday, I achieved a new 1 rep max of 325lbs. I was ecstatic! Really, if I went to fit into a pair of 38s that weren’t the right cut and didn’t fit, I would tell them to F off because I bench over 300. Now, I know this isn’t the right attitude and I can and will do better, but for right now I love it.

I started in on 2 workouts a day with the noon being cardio and the evening being weightlifting. I did this all last week. This week I have the opportunity to work out with a guy from work is in “alpha” shape. He presses 350, weighs 215 and looks like a comic book character. He told me after we worked out on lunch that I wouldn’t be doing the cardio that night… he was right.

I’ll outline some…


Flat Bench

10 crunches on workout ball thingy
10 crunches on workout ball thingy
10 crunches on workout ball thingy
10 crunches on workout ball thingy
10 crunches on workout ball thingy
225 to failure
10 crunches on workout ball thingy

Then we went to incline and repeated it. (Less weight tho)

We did chest ups and butterflies back to back with crunches in between. We topped it all off with decline bench and no crunches. Decline bench was 225lbs of “I have never done that much on decline before!” I managed but the reps were NOT high.

All in all, it was a crazy mega workout and I kept up so I was happy.

So I guess with the 8 weeks I have left in 2008 that I will try and get up to bench pressing 350. Next year’s goals should be interesting.

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