Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Orgrimmar sacked!!

I have a few happy screenshots that I will post when I get home.

Was anyone else confused by Garrosh beating Thrall?!

Stormwind was fun as well.

Thanks to everyone who voted on the new name. Kelmar will be Brewhammer when I get home. Brewhammer pugged MrT last night with 3 warriors, mage and a priest. It was interesting. By “interesting” I mean tons of wipeage.

I am excited for Wed night.

Final tally for Herk’s preparedness is…

25 quests completed
71k honor
100 AV tokens
69 AB
74 EotS
67 WSG
With 5k gold for giggles.

Brewhammer is less prepared. He didn’t have any quest left undone and since he will be second, he will be soaking the rested anyways. It may very well turn out that one is destined for PvP and the other for PvE.

Let the leveling begin.

First run and run again will be Nexus for the new shoulders they have in there. I am very tired of the batwings.

Let me run something past you guys. I was thinking about doing a first person blog kind of like Ratters on here. I would use Brewhammer’s perspective with Herk’s and create a little story between the two. Any interest in such a concept?

What are you guys going to be doing first in WOTLK?

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