Monday, March 24, 2008

When it happens... Freak out is incoming.

Hello all... been busy! Sorry about not posting.

I should tell everyone that I have been farming G for epic mount and am now at 4200. Real close with only 1k left.

Then the crazy question... which toon gets it first?

After about 2 sec of consideration for mining on Herk. I decided I am way more likely to do dailys every day on Aerthson so bada bing... decision made.

Next, get quest chain done and get Swift Flight Form. Need to do Sethekk on Heroic which really should not be that bad these days. Hell, if it gets silly trying to get it done I will save up another 200g and get Sublime (one the top raiding guilds for me server) to run me through for 50g a member.

Don't worry tho as I will be advertising to get other Druids who are also ready which could be cool. Druid tank, Druid Healer, Druid DPS and some others. All Druid run?! I think we at least need a mage. We'll see.

Onto the freakout...

Shammy... Killing shammy on Druid is rough on me. As I am starting to learn to be more nimble and think less like a tank I decided to lead a shammy who ganked me on a merry chase involving Travel form and the what not.

Now this shammy killed me once already cuz I went past him to kill some mobs and leave him alone... sigh... she runs up while I am fighting the mob and murderlates me good. Now this stings a bit (Read: Major cussing in my house and am glad kid was up front). I run back for some payback and the chase begins...

In the end... I kill the shammy!!!

The shammy rezzes herself...


I really really really wish Herk had been closer to the zone.


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