Monday, March 3, 2008

Decided and Arathi Basin Weekend

So then,

I am going Boomkin

All my gear will be Wyrmhide/ Caster stuff.

I finished off the Boots/ Bracers/ Belt combo on Friday and am now sitting on 7k honor I farmed on Sat/ mostly Sun.

I think I will be going for the neck next and then the ring. I will leave the rest until last because it will be nice to get the least expensive pieces last. With that in mind, I don't think I will have enough points this week for the S3 gloves so I may as well wait and get the S2 shoulders and then build back up to the gloves.

Also, I am sitting on roughly 2k gold right now and that will be all I do with that. SIT on it! I am suspending the epic mount farming until I get Aerthson geared.

Arathi Basin post will be incoming shortly.

Several new observations on winning strategy that I feel the need to share.

I leave you with a funny from WSG.

Runs into ally base on the middle level only to find another Druid there waiting for the flag to comeback.



/s Why do I feel like the poor cousin?
/reply lol
/reply Your shoe is scuffed?

Flag back

we mix it up with the defenders... I get feared by lock and run down the ramp?! sigh

run back

/Cyclone Lock
/Hibernate Feral Druid (If you never had a chance to do this... it makes us so mad)
/toss heal on Rich cousin

Then we run out

/w rich cousin

Poor cousin or not... I saved that ass!


Poor cousin or not... your sister is still not supposed to be your wife!

/w WTF?!

lolz all around.

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