Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arathi Basin

More AB stuff.

I played a lot of AB over the weekend. Had a lot of fun too.

Some more observations.

Constant Node Awareness

Horde ALWAYS starts short unless you are in a premade. There is no way around it. I am either lamenting starting 6-10 or am coming into the BG with the gates wide open and people running for farm.

As Horde... you NEED 2 nodes and Farm is one of em when starting short.

I like to take LM cuz you can see the whole map and tell peeps what is happening. You can call out incomings easier and quicker.

However, I don't know if Ally just know we like to take LM and try for it first now or what... but I started going for Mine if I was first out the gate because I contstantly ran into 7 Ally at LM over the weekend.


NO WAY do you win unless you defend.

1) You don't run off if you cap
2) If you rez and run past 1 person guarding, you STOP and help them Defend.

Sugar, Aerthson and a warrior defended Mine flag for the entirety of an AB. We took out everything and I think Sugars only died once as I was feared and too far away. Told him to watch out for those warriors!

The next level of AB awareness!!!

The incoming REZZERS!

Listen up all, start paying attention to what got capped, what was defended, where your people are and where the ally are gonna rez. This can win the game! I like my spot up on LM hill.

When we have Stables, LM and and Farm gets assualted by us... the rezzers from Farm fight pop at the Mine.

If we were to take the mine as they die... most will rez at their base.

Since we sent reinforcements to Farm to help assault and you know at least 1 person (prbly more) is now at Mine taking the flag and considering you should have at least 2 defenders at BS... you call out in /rw GET TO STABLES NOW!

Sure, they can go LM (unlikely they will run past Horde owned Stables to get there) but this is unlikely.

They can go Mine ( You actually want this to happen as it will take longer with different rez rates and mount speeds ) but unless they wait and group up... you get a slow trickle to Mine that can be helped by sending the reinforcements from Farm.

They can go to BS (This is a nasty option because of the map placement.) Horde have direct access from Farm... unless the are at Stables or Mine which will slow down getting to BS a lot. If you only have two on DEF and your reinforcements are anywhere but Farm... you will get capped by an Ally zerg.

So the best option for sending reinforcements is to send them to Stables. They can come up behind Ally zergs going to Mine or BS and can directly intervene any attack at Stables. Also, considering Horde route from Farm to Stables, LM is protected already.

This is just one scenario and there are a dozen others at least and you need to start paying attention to them. If you want to win, you must achieve your objective which means getting and keeping NODES not killing Alliance.

If you are playing Flag guard ( THE position of HONOR) then you should have your mini map up and scanning the situation to help call out where people are needed.

Ally are getting better organized for sure. With this kind of organization comes a limited predictability... If Horde begin to play better together than they are currently and you actually have a leader who calls out orders, you will dominate Alliance in AB.... again.

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