Monday, March 31, 2008

3v3 resurrection

We got our 3v3 up and running again. We are running...

Mabd "Leet skills with leet gear" MM hunter

Sugars "What's a pally?" SL/SL lock

Aerthson "Getting better at unkillable" Balance druid

We brought poor poor Blue Rage Bar back from its 1350 rating to 1490. We are still having some missteps but we are doing much better. I sense the makings of an honest to arena team here.

Next week, we are gonna use vent with Mabd heading which should prove interesting.

I am looking forward to the Feral druids and tanking posts he has coming. Also, looking forward to the Ret pally post he has coming.

I got my Elite flyer this weekend after borrowing 900g from Sugars (Thanks bud!) and proceeded to hit up every daily for 3 days and made about 800 back. I gave 600 to Sugars yesterday and can payback the rest for today.

After that I will be grinding G for the wife's epic riding mount which should take 2 days. She has also wrangled me into playing her hunter for her so she can get up to 70 and play with the rest of us.

I have been tanking instance on Herk for her and if I have a good healer, I find I can mow through Ramps, BF, SP so far in under 30min with a full group.

Lastily, doing all that this weekend... NOT ONCE did I remember to hit Moonglade and start quest chain for Swift Flight Form... god I suck.

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