Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sugars and Lock with Noobed finally ripping a Melvin quote.

So then,

With Sugars decimating everything as a lock...

I need to explain about Sugars first.

I've known Sugars 20 years now. Sugars and I always play the same games. For several different reasons we have never played much WoW at the same time til the Druid and the Lock. We had some outings as a Warr/Pally but nothing major.

First off! I apologize to Sugars for ever suggesting he play a Pally. You see, when we all started playing WoW no one had made a pally so I suggested that to him. I didn't know you see.


Sugars lived in the boonies and did not have cable internet. The thing you need to know about Sugars is his God gifted persistence on getting through something he starts. I don't have this. I am Alted all to hell.

So we play the Dwarves... I stop playing my Dwarf at level 49ish cuz I met me then girlfriend now wife and there was no time for such things as WoW!

Sugars still being the single kept playing and hit 60 before me. Alas, he couldn't raid cuz of said interenet. He fell off the bandwagon of WoW for his own gf now wife.

We never got to play at the same time. Just never worked out.

Sugars started a Gnome lock and brought him 35-40ish I think and sometime during this or before... not really sure. I made him quit playing his stuff to play Horde PvP where I had started toons until I got lured back to my Dwarf and raiding BWL and Naxx. He like his hunter and kept playing him til he hit 60 on the Horde side.

Finally finally... I see my error and quit raiding and quit game for 3-4 months.

Then I come back... roll a warrior on Horde and lv to 70 in about 6-7 months while Sugars is playing the pally in raids since he finally was able to get better internet.

Not sure how I managed it... But I got him to roll a Lock on Horde and bam... 70.

Now we have two 70s at the same time and playing the same server. Time for Arena!!

We do some ... we win some...

We start a 3v3 with Mabd over from Renoobed cuz I guess we wanted more points and will ho ourselves for them.

Now I like talking with Mabd... I like playing with Mabd... doing Arena with Mabd can make my BP rise to abnormal heights.

So we 3v3 ... Lock, Hunter and Druid. Now at the time my resilience is at 90 on my Druid... so any s1 or s2 warr/rogue/mage can really easily take my biscuit.

Also, I realise that I am not as good on Druid yet as I am on Warrior so I do have a some learning to do.

Mabd lets me know how much I suck. We all know this was incoming.


Remember when he teases Melvin for saying stuff like "Pally's count as two people!?"

He thinks this is silly cuz he plays a hunter... Hunter> Pally because he take all their mana... bye bye healing.

For a warrior it is a truism almost that Pallys count as two... WHY? Because you have to KILL that mother 2X because he will bubble at 5% and heal himself full!

I digress...

While Mabd is telling me I need to be more mobile and rogue should not be hitting me in because I am standing there in Boomkin form on the top of the pole in BEM arena (He has a very good point cuz I need to use travel form a lot more) he rips out his own Melvin on me.

"You suck so bad I mean... Druids are unkillable... you shoulda gone resto!"

Druids are damn well not unkillable much less with the crap gear and little to no arena experience that I have had.

Druids unkillable?! Let's see what the Megs has to say here.

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