Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome to Drenden

So Hip and I moved to Drenden last night so we could play with our friends and WoW did we get a warm reception.

Some observations:

DcOE has the coolest looking shaman ever!
TJ now has some slight competition with her harassment of BRK.
Doomilias is still kinda skinny and transparent.
BRK still logs off too early.
Brigin is still the nicest guy in all of WoW.
Stehpi is the only Druid I know that signals Batman.
Heimdal is upset about me damning the internet.

It's the return of the Dwarf all. Expect more from Herk tho. I will be posting again soon.

Thanks to Aetherian Circle for a warm reception and the Slaag kill.

Also, my new updates will be for the dreaded Epic mount grind. I will be sending BRK an email about how he got his epic and see if he has any tricks.

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