Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hey all,

I made it to Outland at lv 58. I made 59 in no time and am almost 60. Still no instance running on this toon tho. I was thinking Ramparts has nice gear! I can tank! Then... I realized all my 1h skills are at around the 150 range... SON OF A !

So I will be working on that for a bit. Remember warriors... Intelligence helps you level weapons faster so get a scroll or a handy dandy vending... er mage to give you Arcane Intellect. Also, I know on the PvP server we are of the 2H type but you can switch to Dual Wield for the sake of leveling and I mean just use dual... do NOT go and respec just to level weapons.

I find that I have died more in Hellfire than the entirety of 1-58... Makes me angry... ah well. Back to leveling :)

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